Enjoy dancing with your baby!

A fun and gentle exercise class to do with your baby in a sling and make you feel great and re-energised for the day.

More About Sling Dance

A babywearing dance filled with joy and bonding between mother and baby

Imagine a mother and baby class that is actually focused on the mother! Yes! And what is brilliant is that baby is well close to mom enjoying her warmth and movement. By the way most of them will end up sleeping in the carrier by the time class is finished. ;)


What Suffolk Sling Dance offers is a place for you to dance happy songs in the company of your baby and other moms like you. The instructor is there to help you feel safe and relaxed while motivating and guiding the group through easy to follow steps. It is a renovating class to help you feel good about yourself, enjoy some cool songs, have a joyful moment with your baby, have some giggles and perhaps make new friends.

Who can attend classes

* Postnatal mamas who have already had their postnatal medical check up, have no contra-indications to do the activity and feel good about themselves. 

* There is no need to have dance skills or experience and no need to be super fit - classes are very relaxed and focus on mothers' wellbeing above physical fitness.

What moms say


Supportive, uplifting

and joyful.

A highlight of the week!


I feel so so happy afterwards, due to the catchy songs and the overall mood

of seeing smiling faces and laughing a lot


There’s nothing better than burning some calories by dancing while carrying your baby close to you.

The music and dancing are uplifting, Cristina is full of energy

About us

Cristina is an energetic mom who rediscovered her passion and saw in music and dance a powerful combination to bring the moods up of moms of little babies.  She is passionate about helping moms have a great time and look after their wellbeing.


Classes currently held in

Bury St Edmunds

on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10h30 am

Taster classes available

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A time to enjoy yourself

Fun and giggles