About me

Energetic and passionate! This is me!

Hi, my name is Cristina mother of one cute and energetic toddler. 

I have attended Sling Dance Classes in the past and have quickly fell in love with it. Now I have the opportunity to continue this work initiated by Debi Sheridan in 2017 and share the amazing benefits of sling dance with so many moms around me! I am absolutely passionate about the great feeling these dance sessions provide to both moms and babies. They have helped me personally in so many ways and helped me keep going even during some of those exhausting motherhood days! 

I have always enjoyed dance and music. Difficult not to when you come from Brazil like me. I have participated in numerous dance classes when I was younger and cannot imagine my life without music (especially uplifting ones!). During my classes I bring my energy and enthusiasm that are natural to me always hoping to make moms feel relaxed and trying to create a supportive and integrative environment. 

I am a babywearing peer supporter and have worn my baby in slings and carriers for a long time (and danced too!!). He wasnt the best sleeper ;) Before and during classes I am able to help you with tips and support to safely attach your baby to you with your own carrier or sling. If you haven't had the chance I would love to invite you to try a taster session with us and enjoy this incredible vibe.

Hugs x


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