1. I understand this is a physical exercise class. How intense is it? 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is babywearing and do I need to be experienced in using carriers before coming to class?

Babywearing is a wonderful practice of wrapping babies in our own bodies using slings or baby carriers. This way they feel safe and warm and that's why a lot of them fall asleep during classes. If you think your baby does not like this I challenge you to join one of our classes. I am yet to see a baby that (being well positioned in a good ergonomical carrier) does not like the combination of music and dance while being close to mummy. 


You do not need to be a "ninja" on wearing your baby. But it is required that you have already worn your baby before at least once and that you feel confident about doing this. You also need to bring your own carrier or sling to class which the instructor can help you safely set that up for you.

2. How early can I join Suffolk Sling Dance?

You can join after at least 6 weeks postpartum if you've had natural birth or 10 weeks if you've had a c-section. In both cases though you are required to have already gone through your postnatal check-up and have medical approval from your doctor to do this kind of physical activity. 

3. I understand this is a physical exercise class. How intense is it? 

We say that this is a gentle exercise class because it does not involve much strain on your body other than typical dance movements such as in classes like zumba (although a lot less intense). We understand that postpartum women need to be cautious about the physical activity that they choose to do especially in the whole of their first year. Therefore we refrain from doing certain movements like jumping, squats or even running. Dance is composed of smoother movements. We choose easy to follow steps that connect to each other so that the movement flows nicely and boths moms and babies can enjoy. The ultimate goal of the class is to help moms be joyful about life, about themselves, so we are not there to become fit, although we know dance movements will certainly help our joints and muscles feel alive. The intensity of the class is a lot down to the individuals who are free to adapt the steps as they wish. Most important is to have fun and enjoy.

4. How much are the classes? How can I book and pay for a class?

Prices vary from 5 to 7 pounds per session depending if you buy a single session (pay-as-you-go) or if you buy a block of classes (voucher with 4 classes) or 6-week-term. Details abour prices, options and to process an online booking just head over to the "Book online" section.

Bookings are exclusively done online so that we can control the numbers for safety reasons and so that we can plan ahead. Most importantly we need to be sure that you have gone through some basic information about classes before you show up. So unfortunately  we do not accept people just turning up on the day.

Payments are also collected online therefore avoiding the hassle of dealing with cash on the day. You can pay by card or via paypal. If you do experience problems with this process please get in touch with us.

5. Currently I do not have a baby carrier or sling but I have worn my baby before. Can I still come to classes?

We have a small collection of carriers\slings that we can offer. If you need one please get in touch with us in advance so that we can make sure to bring one that suits your needs before class.

6. I live far from Bury St Edmunds. What are the chances that you could bring this class near to my town?

If you are interested in Suffolk Sling Dance classes but live too far to come to a class in Bury St Edmunds please get in touch. and we can analyse the possibility to open a class nearer to you. Take the opportunity to check us on social media and share this class to your friends. The more people interested the bigger chances of making this class viable to open in other venues.

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