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Movement and music bringing moms together

After having my little boy I tried my best to join as many mother -and-baby classes or groups as I could. As somebody who likes to socialise it was important for me not to go crazy with cabin fever. We talk about the importance of having a support network around us when raising our children and yet we sometimes lack the feeling of being part of a community. We need people around us to whom we can laugh, vent, cry, support each other especially during the hardest of times. And let’s face it. Having your first baby is a pretty big shock to the system. It’s a wonderful and very intense journey altogether. So being around other moms with babies was important to me

“Supportive, uplifting and joyful.”
“a unique way to meet other moms.”
“guaranteed to put you in a good mood, even after a sleepless night”
“Feels nice to do something for myself”

Among many different classes that Benjamin and I attended one stood out in our week. Sling Dance was just so perfect for us. Imagine dancing with your baby to the sound of upbeat music and surrounded by other moms who are on the same boat as you. For me it was a chance to unwind, to release all the tension, and even though it was physical, this class (believe me!) would give me so much energy. I remember some days feeling exhausted (physically and mentally! – if you’ve had a “bad sleeper” this might resonate) but I would still do all I could not to miss our weekly sling dance class.

Debi was our instructor at the time and the one who kindly set Suffolk Sling Dance up in the area and passed on to me later (yes, I just didn’t want to stop doing it so I embraced the challenge). That way the class could carry on being offered in Bury. It’s been an incredible journey and I think I found myself. The class fills my need to dance socially (not only on my own in the middle of the house, which I do a lot by the way!), interact with other moms and what’s best: my baby loves it!

Sling dance is a mother and baby class focused on moms and on promoting their wellbeing while bonding with their baby. It’s a fun way to start the day, lose yourself in the happy songs, while carrying your baby, being yourself, dancing as if you were in your living room.

As an instructor I strive to create an inclusive and informal environment. Mostly we moms dance following a pre-set choreography just like in any other dance class (ZumbaTM is a good example). But I bring a little “Brazilian” twist – yes, I do come from overseas! I also encourage moms to interact with each other at some point during the session (e.g.: making group circles, doing high 5’s, introducing dancing games), on social media and organising regular meals or coffee with the group.

If it’s just to do something different with your baby, meet other local moms, enjoy a happy environment (even if you are in a bad mood, believe me, the type of music we use will definitely help cheer you up!) or shake off some of that tension built up from the rough nights, Sling Dance is there to welcome you (and hug you if you let me! Those who know me know I’m not joking – but will keep the distance if you prefer).

The wellbeing aspect is our main focus, helping moms have a joyful and relaxed time and hopefully have a wonderful day and week ahead. This is a gentle exercise class that doesn’t require a high level of fitness or any dancing skills (“I’ve got no rhythm” doesn’t stick here! Instead: ”Your way is the right way”, I usually say).

Before signing up moms need to be at least 6 weeks postpartum (or 10 weeks in case of c-section) and feel well on themselves to do exercise. Taster classes available.

As featured in the StEdmundsBaby Magazine in January 2019

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