Welcome Anna to our team!

I am so excited to announce that we are welcoming Anna Rowe to Suffolk Sling Dance team. She is going to be running most of our weekly classes from now through to sometime in October or when I feel ready to resume activities post maternity!

A bit about her:

Anna Rowe is a Suffolk based Dance Artist who trained in Performing Arts and Dance, completing a first class honours degree in Dance at UCS, where she studied Contemporary Dance, Dance in the Community, Choreography and Dance in Health.

She has 16 years experience delivering dance workshops and co-ordinating projects across East Anglia and loves engaging with creative dance, choreography and performance with local communities. She enjoys working with a variety of ages and abilities and since growing her own family she has developed a love of working with young children and families.

She is the one on the right on the pics down below ;-)

Despite her amazing curriculum she also has done loads of babywearing, is into attachment parenting and is a lovely sociable person. I am so keen to have her onboard and grateful that she accepted to be with us to help keep this project running during my pregnancy/maternity.

Will classes be the same with her?

My honest opinion is NO! An instructor brings so much to a class and she will definitely bring her own style, her creativity, her own little way which we will all find out soon. She's started her training and is onboard with all our values and mission, with the real spirit we want to bring up in our classes, as well as have started training some of the happy choreographies. I love that she is also in tune with the postnatal body so will be carrying on with a gentle approach to exercise avoiding certain movements that we dont see fit for a postnatal woman.

I have no doubt she will do an amazing job and would like to ask you to welcome her to our community with big open arms!

My final classes will take place after Easter when Anna will be running them together with me. Hope to see you all there!

with love



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